How to assist SMEs

How to assist and support Rural Tourism SMEs?

We want to know how rural tourism SMEs currently receive technical and advisory services and define Best Practice in the field.

Our project seeks to investigate the content and quality of technical and advisory services currently provided to Rural Tourism SMEs to produce a "Best Practice Guide". Please participate in our survey, and we will send you a copy of the guide when it is produced.

Please contribute to our surveys:


* if you PROVIDE advisory services to rural tourism services, please go here:

* if you are a rural tourism service that RECEIVES such services, please go here:


Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Financial support

Financial support - The Call for Tourism SMEs -  CLOSED


This call supported by the COSME Program of the EU aims to help Micro and Nano SMEs that are in the tourism sector and are based in any EU member state or third country participating in the COSME programme and are interested in improving digital, eco-sustainability, and soft/social skills. 

The project has total funding of 950,000 Euros, and selected SMEs will receive financial support in the form of a service pack valued at  5,000 Euros. The objective is to assist them in designing and developing new tourism products for international markets, incorporating digital, sustainable, and socio-cultural improvements.

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Tools and Information

Tools and Information for your business

Our consortium is preparing an online repository of interesting tools and fruitful information that can help to improve your business.

Available by the end of June 2023.