Financial Support to SMEs

Photo Financial Support to SMEs

We are preparing a public call for financial support to help you in 12 specific action and support areas which helps you to improve in digital, green and soft/social competences.  This support will be available in at least 15 European countries yet to be defined.

Each selected rural SME receives funding for a service pack that consists of assisted self-evaluation, on-site advisory visit by a qualified expert, elaboration of an improvement plan, tutoring and mentoring during implementation of this plan and a final audit.  It also includes participation at two national or regional meetings and a budget for personlized improvements such as creating a website, social media marketing or training. 

The public call to benefit from this pack will be published by March 2023.  Look out for it!


The support will cover at least the following 3 areas with 12 specific support topics.  Additional topics may be covered depending on the country or region.



Digitalization of the processes in SMEs

Digital marketing and promotion

Marketing intelligence, data analysis, marketing strategy based on data



Sustainable management practices for SMEs

CO2 management and reduction to address climate change

Sustainable mobiliy

Gastronomy and food based on local supply chains



Social-cultural skills (attend visitors from different cultural background)

Experience generation for visitors (includes development of corresponding products)

Inclusive Tourism / Visitors with special needs

Integration with the local community

Interpretation techniques for cultural, historic, natural etc. resources